31 DAYS of Halloween

Over the next 31 days, Half Lit’s Posts will focus on horror stories, horror authors, and horror novels. Enjoy!

To start — Here is an update on my own novel set to be published in 2017.

Samhain, a novel – by Jeremy Billingsley

Adult Horror

90,000 words


Samhain is coming –


Chase Lawrence is an out of work teacher blacklisted from most jobs in his Arkansas community due to his connection with a recent murder that has left his life in ruins. His fiancé has left him and his best friend will not see him. Chase, haunted by the ghost of the dead woman, takes the only job offered to him, as tutor to a boy raised in the Ozark hills by his crippled grandfather, a wealthy old man with strict rules and a secret about the boy’s parents.

As Chase begins the job, he begins to suspect more is going on at this reclusive hilltop home. He finds a mysterious book filled with archaic magic and myth, learns about disappearances on the property, and hears rumors of a cult that worships an ancient beast. As the days close in on Halloween, Chase finds the spiritual is becoming more and more real, and realizes the goal of this cult is to resurrect its deity, even at the expense of the boy in Chase’s charge. As he wrestles with his own issues of family identity, Chase must find a way to help this boy and his grandfather before it’s too late. Fearing for his own life, for the lives of the boy and the old man and everyone he knows, Chase must find a way to combat the inevitable.

Samhain is coming…

I graduated from Goddard College with my MFA in 2014, and I have published fourteen short stories. I have also finished the first in a five book series, and will hopefully publish Eyes Only Book One: A Mind Full of Scorpions soon.  I am still working on more short stories and am deep into my third novel. As if that doesn’t keep me busy enough, I also teach at Northwest Arkansas Community College and at Crowder College.



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