What is HALF LIT?

A writer has to have readers, and a great way to retain readers is to provide them with new content to keep them entertained. HALF LIT, like the EYES ONLY serials, is a way to accomplish that.

But it’s more than just a tool meant to draw readers in and convince them to return. Sure, I want you back because I like the traffic, but I want you to be entertained, so HALF LIT is a nonfiction blog that hopefully will appeal to a large audience. It is a blog that will cater to two distinct populations: Imbibers and Readers.

Every post, I hope to discuss some form of adult beverage and some aspect of literature, and I will invite others to add to the discourse. Sometimes, the posts might be reflections of my own writing process in distinct pieces called ITS MILLER TIME. With others, I might be seeking an advancement of knowledge, and in such a spirit, I would invite anyone so knowledgeable to contribute.

My fervent wish is that you all enjoy HALF LIT and everything you find on this site. And if there is anything you’d like to see, just let me know.



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